Azerbaijani Embassy in Beijing prevents Armenian provocation

Beijing, September 28, AZERTAC
Azerbaijani Embassy in China has prevented an attempt by Armenians to demonstrate works on the so-called Armenian genocide at the 6th Beijing International Art Biennale organized in the National Art Museum of China.
The Azerbaijani side, which was able to get beforehand information about the Armenians` plans, held talks with the organizers. As a result, the Chinese organizers refused to allow the works on the so-called Armenian genocide to be put on display at the exhibition.
The Armenian delegation then attempted to display drawings about Azerbaijan`s occupied Karabakh region, including works that promote war and violence, at their own pavilion. But Azerbaijani diplomats prevented this attempt by the Armenian delegation too. They visited the Armenian pavilion and informed the visitors that the areas depicted in the paintings are Azerbaijani lands occupied by Armenia.
After investigating the case, the organizers declared the Armenian pavilion completely closed for visitors on September 24, the very first day of the exhibition.
According to reports, Prime Minister of Armenia, Hovik Abrahamyan planned to visit the Armenian pavilion, but had to postpone his visit after it closed. 

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