Azerbaijan attends Banana Cultural Festival in Lagos

 The only Azerbaijani living in Nigeria Billura Bayramova has attended Banana Cultural Festival held in the city of Lagos. Representatives of 18 countries demonstrated their history, culture, cuisine and music at the event.
Bayramova told AZERTAC that she presented traditional Azerbaijani dishes and sweets, including dolma, qutab, plov and pakhlava, to the visitors of the festival. She also informed the media and the visitors about the history and culture of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani folk dance "Tarakama" was also performed at the event.
The visitors included foreign ambassadors, representatives of foreign companies based in Lagos, as well as the Nigerian minister of culture and other officials.

The Anthem of Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!
You are the country of heroes!
We will die so that you might be alive!
We will shed our blood to defend you!
Long lives your three-colored banner!
Thousands of people sacrificed their lives

You're become the field of battles.
Every soldier fighting for you,
Has become a hero.
We pray for your prosperity,

We make sacrifice our lives to you
Our sincere love to you,
Comes from the bottom of our hearts.
To defend your honours,

To hoist your banner,
All the young people are ready.
Glorious motherland,
Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!

Music by: Uzeir Hajibeyov
Words by: Ahmed Javad
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